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Humanities Institute Lectures Now Online!

Get caught up on some of the events you may have missed this semester or share one that you really loved with your students. Select lectures will now be available on YouTube

Dr. Bart Ehrman: False Memories of the Messiah: Deconstructing the New Testament



Dr. Sarah Beckwith: Shakespeare and the Importance of Being Human



Dr. David Goldfield: The Civil War: An American Legacy



Dr. Stephen Prince: Stories of the South



Dr. Leslie Brown: To Demand These God-Given Rights is to Seek Black Power: Power Politics and Civil Rights Activism




Dr. Henry Jenkins: Could This Be What Democracy Looks Like? Participatory Politics, Transmedia Mobilization, and the Civic Imagination.




Dr. Scott Poole: From Vampira to Slenderman: The Return of the Gothic



Dr. Inmaculada de Melo-Martin: The Ethics of Sex Selection



Dr. Robert Westman: Copernicus and the Astrologers.



Dr. Caryl Phillips: The Burdensome Expectations of the Colonial Migrant




Dr. Jonathan Gayles: Fascination and Fear: American Popular Culture and the Black Masculine Fetish




Dr. Eugenie Scott: Florida's "Critical Thinking" Bills: Creationism du jour?




Pam Iorio: How an Education in the Humanities Prepares Future Leaders



Brain(s) Matter: Zombies in Contemporary Culture